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AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Auto Mechanic.

Contact Adam: Email Adam


What always facinated Adam was when you look down at the town from the top of the mountain they say that theres more mines underneath it than there are streets. He love seeing things that no one or very few people have seen, like seeing an airshaft on the surface but knowing you have looked up it from the bottom, crawling around in workings that haven't been touched in over 50 years, and walking in tunnels for miles. Being where our grandfathers worked and seeing the conditions in which they worked people might think differently about their job. If people only saw what we can see they may have another outlook on that wasteland and see an area rich in history and artifacts. To a mine researcher that old building on the side of the road isn't an eyesore to us but a portal into the past. Thats why preservation and research is so important to us. Adams hobbies are jumping into mines, motocross, camping, hiking, and exploring. When Adam has time he likes riding his dirt bike and fixing whatever needs to be fixed.

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