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Abandoned Mine Research (AMR) is Northeastern Pennsylvania’s forth most team of avid history enthusiasts who provide and maintain a premiere website of historical documentation through photography and research of abandoned anthracite mining sites throughout the anthracite fields. Going into their tenth year of documentation, and seventh year of publicity, AMR has provided over a dozen presentations on mining history to local interest groups, given multiple exclusive day-long tours of abandoned mine sights to interested participants (averaging thirty people per tour), and acquired nine mine cars and one electric underground haulage locomotive as well as other underground mining artifacts. AMR is looking to better provide the best information and hands on learning experience to the public through documentation, research, restoration work, public talks and presentations. The goal of AMR, Inc. is to continue to ensure that the history of the anthracite region remains more than that of just an imaginary memory for the generations to come.

In the past seven years we have grown from a small unknown group of friends with a passion for coal mining history, to an extremely well known organization in Northeast Pennsylvania that specializes in underground photography, videography and mine equipment restoration. We have documented hundreds of old coal mines in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania. We use these photos in presentations we give to local groups generally once every other month or so. We also have all of our photos viewable on our website at undergroundminers.com. The AMR team has come to produce the largest known photographic archive of modern underground photography of any mining region in the world. Driven to produce photographs that best represent the mining industry and the work of the men involved, the team has compiled over eight thousand photographs throughout the past ten years – many of them now irreplaceable due to reclamation. This ever expanding archive is a treasure trove of insight for the public eye, bringing to light (quite literally) aspects of their ancestral history that have not been seen or thought of, in some cases, nearly a century.

Besides underground photography, our other area of expertise is historic mine equipment preservation and restoration. Avidly photographing these sites envelopes one aspect of preservation, but AMR feels the need to push preservation farther than photographs into something more physical and tangible than the imagination. The AMR team has actively recovered ten pieces of antique rail haulage mining equipment for the intent of restoration and 'hands on' display to the public. Our goal is to provide the individual an experience seeing and touching old mining equipment like it was used nearly one hundred years ago. These pieces are not in glass in some museum, we have them out to run just like they were meant to be. Some of the equipment we have restored, we either loaned out or donated to local mine tour organizations. There is no other association out there today doing what we do. In the years we have been historically preserving artifacts we have restored a few old wooden coal cars, maintenance cars, smaller mining tools and our pride and joy; a 1926 Whitcomb electric storage battery locomotive. Over a 3 year time we disassembled this locomotive and restored it from the ground up. There were no outside sources helping with this, it was only us and a few friends that brought this back to the only locomotive of its kind running in the country! With the restored mine cars to compliment it, it has been pleasing the public on the AMR rail facility’s expanding three hundred foot length of track ever since. Open free of charge by appointment for public demonstration, the Whitcomb locomotive and the AMR rail facility (built and funded completely by the AMR team), are intended to provide the most accurate example of rail haulage practices used in the anthracite region to anyone with an interest in underground haulage technology. Those willing and able can not only see, smell, and hear the locomotive run, but can also, with a quick training course, run the locomotive themselves to gain a true respect for the job of an underground motorman in the 1920s.

Several local organizations have expressed interest in what we are doing and would like us to restore mine cars to be put on display throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. We are extremely interactive with the public in our efforts. Like mentioned above we give presentations on our work to several local groups multiple times a year. We also offer tours to the public around the area explaining what is left and what has been torn down in the Anthracite Coal Region. Several of us volunteer and work at all 3 of the local coal mine tours spending time talking with people about what it was like to work underground years ago. As well as giving tours at these mines we volunteer in the winter doing maintenance on the mine. In late 2006 to early 2007 we spent 4 months working with 2 employees from one mine opening up a new section for tourists by removing 250 tons of rock, dirt, mud and old timbers by hand and then retimbering the entire tunnel. We have also volunteered at another local mine tour replacing old rail that their mine train runs on. AMR has been featured on several local news stations about our efforts and have had several news paper stories written on us. Members of Abandoned Mine Research are MSHA and PADEP Bureau of Deep Mine Safety Trained and Certified to work underground in Pennsylvania coal mines. We have gone through the same initial training and refresher courses along side other Anthracite Coal Miners. AMR members can provide timbering work, haulage work, underground maintenance and electrical work and general labor work for anthracite underground coal mines.

This project has only just begun and is in its infancy. As time goes on, we will have much more to report on as AMR grows into North East PA's only organization for equipment restoration and anthracite historic preservation. For more information, questions or comments please Email Chris

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