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Archbald Large Mine

This mine is located very close to the small Archbald bootleg mines. When this mine closed down, the workers probably dug the two smaller holes just down the hill. Chris and Matt started to explore the larger mine with limited lighting and without the oxygen tanks. For this reason, they only ventured a short distance into the mine. Coming across a small mine car, they considered taking it for restoration. They decided it would be best to return another day when they were more prepared. On the second trip to the mine, they determined that the mine car was too heavy to be moved.

Entering the mine, there is a 90 degree turn to the right and the main slope continues straigh until it "y"s to the left. They contuned down both gangways until they each ended at the water table. Heading back up the mine they went down the turn to the right which is where you go through the cinderblock doorway twards the small mine car. After passing the car the mine comes to another "T", right and left. If you go right the passageway ends. To the left is the second opening. Since we went at night, when we came out into the darkness we didn't know exactly where we were. After wandering around for a bit we found the path and eventually the jeep.

- Chris

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