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AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Coal Miner, Carline Coal Co. Orchard Slope

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Banks always liked history, and after going on an above ground mission to sites such as the Leighman 179 tipple, Dorrance fan complex and Huber breaker, he quickly became intrigued in local mining history. Banks was also intrested in railroading from a very young age. Banksey ol boy takes pride in his collection of mining artifacts - especially his oil wick lamps. he get a thrill out of exploring tunnels and places which were worked in by imigrants years before his time, and aren't seen in everyday life. Banks often ponders about what it would be like to live in the Northern field in the early 20th century. Banks along with a few other UGM boys got bored real quick of exploring abandoned mines and is now out creating them!

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