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B & M Tunnel

The B&M mine, located in Good Springs, was operated by the International Anthracite Corperation. On March 6, 1985 there was a blasting accident in the mine that injured four but fortunatly killed no one. The #9 mine tour, located in Landsford, uses a few of the mantrip cars that were salvaged from the B&M to ride into the mine.

We were first informed of the B&M Tunnel by Mully on an anthracite message board. When we went to the St. Nick breaker for the third time he came along. After visiting the breaker we went on to the B&M. There are quite a few cool things to see there, even though you can no longer get into the mine. When Mully was there during the summer of 2002, he took some pics inside the opening. There was no rockfall then, so we figure it was probably good that we never got to explore inside just in case we were there when it collapsed. From one of his pics you can see a bulge in the steel reinforced ceiling about 50 feet inside; right where the rockfall is. The latest date we saw was 1987, so this was a pretty recent mine. There are all steel mine cars, man trip cars and explosives cars. There are also two electric mules that pulled the cars around.


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