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AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Aircraft Mechanic, Coal Miner

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Chris is the front man and creator of the Underground Miners. Has been the primary photographer and webmaster for UndergroundMiners.com. Chris got interested in mining when he was just a wee tot. When he was just a young lad he would always get coal in his stocking because he was an evil little child, so he took that as an omen! Seriously though, he was always interested in railroading and was fastinated that you could travel miles underground on small trains. One of the things that fascinates him the most is seeing first hand underground, the working conditions that some of these men had to work in. Some veins of coal are not even tall enough to roll over in. Also, His main interest is for old mine equipment and technology of the time. Chris is employed as an aircraft mechanic at O&N Aircraft Modifications and does part time work at an active anthracite mine in the Southern Field. He along with Mike A. is in charge of mine work at the No.9 Mine Tour in Lansford.

As of November 2009 I have turned over my reign on the UndergroundMiners group and Abandoned Mine Research to a few other members of the crew. I will still be attending outings and tours but not organizing them however i will still be updating the website. Im taking on a new adventure building an aerobatic biplane for aerobatic competition and future airshow work. Almost all of my time will be spent on this for the next 2 years (besides the wife of course...hehe). anyways more info on this undertaking can be found here :

As a side note from chris: "Years ago when I started this I had no idea that we would become such a successful organization and that I would make such a great group of friends! To the rest of the group, Thanks Guys!"

Chris hard at work?

Helping Jen through some water.

Swooping the wind blades at Skydive EMS.

The now deceased Jeep Junk.

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