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Clarks Summit Mine

I can't believe that we never found this before one of my dad's friends informed us about the opening. Having traveled through the notch in Clarks Summit over a hundred times, we never saw this before. Just before you come out of the notch into Scranton, this opening sits halfway up the cliff next the overpass sign on the north side of the road. To gain access to this mine, we parked the truck on the exit ramp of 81 for the Scranton Expressway during the night. I got out of the truck with fifty feet of rope and my repelling harness. Attaching the rope to a tree above the opening, I repelled down into it while the rest of the mine crew parked the truck at the base of the cliff. Then the boys proceeded to climb the rope into the mine. The vein of coal in this mine is about four feet thick. The mine only goes in about a hundred feet before it we encountered a large rockfall caused by the construction of interstate 81.

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