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Diamond Drift

The first thing the Underground Miners noticed When entering the mine was the steel reinforced top where the drift travels under the railroad tracks above. That was a good thing to see. Upon reaching the end of the steel reinforcing, there was a heading to the left with a wooden door. They looked through the door only to see that it had been backfilled. It was pretty neat to see the mine flushing that scranton is famous for first-hand. Back into the main drift, they headed straight for about 100ft before coming to a few rooms on the right side and another heading on the left. Just after the rooms, the main Drift had been filled also. Climbing up the fill to peek into a room window, Chris saw where the fill had poured into the room through the window. They decided to head down the heading to the left. About 75ft down the heading was a gangway that paralleled the Main drift. The rail was still intact and there were the remains of a car there. Just about 100ft down the gangway there's a nasty rockfall so they backed out and down the heading further. There was another gangway on the right next that paralleled the first. Unfortunatly, there was another rockfall about the same distance down this gangway. There was a set of doors next and after that was a large rockfall. They decided they saw enough so John paced it all out, drew up a map and left. Another good trip for the Underground Miners.

Click here for the Diamond Breaker remains!

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