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Important Notice From Paul Hummel - Please Read:


As the Director of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Deep Mine Safety, I am hereby issuing a warning to any person(s) who enter(s) any active or abandoned mine facility associated with this website or any other active or abandoned mine site. The Department will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any such person who fails to heed this warning.

Mine sites would include, but are not limited to, any property, building, structure, mine opening or workings.

Entering these sites is not only dangerous and illegal, but could result in serious injury or death of not only the individual(s) who enter(s) these sites, but also puts at risk the personnel who may be called upon to perform a rescue or recovery at these sites.

Heed this warning.

Stay Out...Stay Alive!!

We are aware that exploring abandoned mines is dangerous. We do not encourage anyone who visits this website to try it for themselves. You must possess all the necessary safety gear in order to reduce the risk of injury or death. Black damp, or the lack of oxygen, is a very deadly gas and is impossible to detect without a miner's safety lamp. We have been exposed to this deadly gas to the point of almost passing out. Gas is not the only danger found in mines. One has to be able to make the decision whether the top (ceiling) of a mine is safe or not worth the risk of losing your life. We would not recommend anyone going into a mine without taking drastic precautionary measures. We cannot stress enough how dangerous abandoned mines really are. We take our job as researchers/explorers very seriously and do not fool around when it comes to anything that might put our lives (or anyone else's) at risk. Please do not email us for directions to, or ask for locations to any mines, these inquiries simply will not be answered. For legal and liability reasons we also can not take anyone outside of our group into any abandoned mine. We are tour guides at several anthracite mine tours and encourage a visit there.

For more information on safety in abandoned coal mines, please visit our Safety Page.

This website is for entertainment purposes only. In no way can any information provided in these pages provide enough knowledge to safely enter an abandoned anthracite mine.

-The UGM Team

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