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AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Mine Map Repository Tech Office of Surface Mining, Mining Engineer/Geology Student

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Well I don’t really have an actual origin of how I got interested in mining it was always kind of in me; I have to give a lot of credit to my dad for start this whole mess. When I was a little kid my dad use to always take me hiking up the woods to find fossils and we always use to walk the old cable line up the mountain where there where these HUGE sheave wheels, he later gave me an old miners helmet and carbide light he found in the mines when he was exploring when he was a kid. So coal mining was always around me, we had miners in the family and I was always up the woods on the culm banks but it never really clicked for me…… until a few years ago; I discovered the Huber Breaker in Ashley PA. Then that drew my curiosity to the Huber Breaker Preservation Society, and by doing more research I came across the Underground miners. It was my dream since I was about 14 to know these guys and to be a part of their group. It all started off giving them a hand building a mine car in an old garage in Tunkhannock up till now, I guess they decided to keep me around. I really couldn’t ask for a better bunch of guys, many good times and many more to come. You could just about always find me lounging or making a mess in the motor barn at the No. 9 Mine on Sunday mornings. And remember the Southern Anthracite Field is ALWAYS better than the Northern Anthracite Field!! (I dont know about that....... Edit by Chris)

I am currently a student at Penn State Wilkes-Barre (2yrs) and then to Penn State Main. I am doing a double Major in Mining Engineering and Geology. I am also currently employed with the Office of Surface Mining in Wilkes-Barre (Stegmier Building) my title is Mine Map Repository Technician, so if you need any help with mine maps come see me, or to know if your house is going to cave in.

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