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Eynon Mine

This mine is located right off of Route 6. We were told about this mine but could never find it because the opening was blown down. One evening after a thunderstorm while driving down the road, we noticed fog emerging from the ground. We figured there must still be an opening there for the fog to roll out so heavily. The next day, in broad daylight, we deposited the Jeep in a parking lot and ran to the hole. Climbing the small pile of rubble, we found a small hole at the top. Looking at the size of the hole I said, "Looks dangerous, Matt. You go first." We shimmied into the hole and couldn't believe the amount of wind blowing out. I walked about fifty feet towards what looked to be a rockfall, but it was where they filled the mine in. Crawling back out of the crevice, it must've looked rather strange to all the cars stopped at the red light.

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