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6 Ton General Electric Storage Battery Locomotive

UGM/AMR, inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of another rare mining artifact. Recently we had the opportunity to save a 6 ton General Electric storage battery locomotive. It is in surprisingly good shape even though it has moderate rust on the battery boxes. One of the things that struck me is how complete and intact it is. Everything is there, the amp hour gauge (even the glass isn't cracked) bumpers are straight, wheels are not worn out, resistor banks in good shape as well as the controller, even the original fuse is intact. We are working on the records for this locomotive but we believe it was operated by the Hudson Coal Co. at a mine up the valley from Scranton. It is 30" gauge so it is different that the rest of our equipment, but we do have access to 3 30" gauge Hudson Coal Co. mine cars. We saved this piece from going to the scrap torch, like the whitcomb, by days. It was advertised for sale by the owner, where it sat in his front yard, in the papershop. Mike A. noticed this and we gave him a call, turns out he already sold it the day before. So we tracked down the scrapping company that bought it and the rest is, shall we say, history. UGM/AMR teamed up with the Ohio Vintage Coal Co. to purchase this motor for scrap value off of the scrapper. This will be a slow restoration as we are busy with a few other things, but we can give you this for a plan. It will end up at the Gravity Slope Anthracite Museum in Archbald when that gets up and going. Things are looking real good for them right now and they are working on one of the buildings. The boys from OVCC will be coming out in the spring and taking the battery boxes off of the mine motor to completely rebuild them. we will then do some work to the frame and electrical system before they come and take it out to their shop for a full restoration to running condition. it will be back and ready by the time the Gravity Slope gets under way. We are very proud to be able to have saved another piece of our precious anthracite mining history!

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