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John R

OCCUPATION: Airport Operations Specialist


I have been fascinated with coal mining since a very young age. My grandfather worked as a miner in the Wilkes-Barre area and used to take me on walks through the ruins of his former employer just 100 yards from his home. The shifting shanty was there, as was the company house and an open vent shaft complete with fan, all of which is now condos. We also went to Pioneer Tunnel in Ashland when I was about 5, and that sunk the hook. Having practically grown up in that region due to our many visits to my grandparents, I feel it is my second home. Today I volunteer down the No. 9 Mine and Museum as often as I can, helping with track work, digging out spills, putting up bracing, whatever needs to be done. I even played “Dr. Young” in the underground hospital for the Haunted Mine tours for Halloween in 2010. I have a great time whatever it is I go and do with the Underground Miners, and I have made some good friends along the way.

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