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Map Page

Eddy Tunnel Maps

Eddy Tunnel Map

Eddy Tunnel map showing areas explored by The Underground Miners.

Eddy Tunnel map showing areas where the pillars supporting the roof were robbed.

Shaded areas show the robbed pillars.

Gravity Slope Maps

Gravity Slope Map 1

Gravity Slope Map 2

These maps are from the Gravity Slope Manway and No. 3 Slope at the Gravity Slope Colliery in Archbald. This is the site where the Underground Miners are Helping to build an Anthracite Technology Museum. The manway opening is on the grounds owned by us. In the Second map you can see where the mine pool has been drawn in. We have been in this slope and the water is right at the bottom of the manway.In both maps you can see the wash house, fan house, airshaft, and manway opening. The No.3 Slope was across the road and where the industrial park is now.

North Mahanoy Colliery Maps

North Mahanoy Colliery Map 1

North Mahanoy Colliery Map 2

From the middle-split of the seven foot vein.

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