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Mike A.

AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Surface and Underground Electrician, Coal Miner .


Mikes interest in anthracite mining came from growing up in the shadow of the Huber breaker and from hearing story's about coal mining from family and neighbors who worked in the mines. Mike is fascinated by local history, especially that history that is just under the surface of all the anthracite fields. In addition to being an MSHA certified union electrician he is also a tour guide at the No.9 mine and does maintenance in and around the mine. He is also a Member of the Huber Breaker Preservation Society. Mike became the latest addition to the Underground Miners team in June of 2007 while helping out building the rail equipment test track. Since then he has helped out on several group tours and is one of our key members helping in restoration work. While not laying track at our facility, working at no. 9, meeting with board members trying to figure out how to best restore the Huber Breaker or helping with UGM tours, Mike can be found somewhere underground with the rest of the UGM team! Mike is also the latest recruit for the Anthracite Underground Rescue Team. So dont go getting stuck in one of those silly abandoned mines cause you dont want that head coming to get you out!

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