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Mine Motor Videos

Since the start of this adventure we have taken a few videos of the rebuild project. Now we have been able to upload them to the site so enjoy the progress of our mine motor project. For further questions or comments, Email Chris for more details.

Tuesday June 17 2003, the day we saved our Whitcomb Electric Mine Motor from the torch. 6/2/04

First Run on Video. One week after its first run in over 50 years with no work to the motor! 6/7/04

John Pagoda driving the mine motor 6/7/04

An early run just after we got the battery box on. 4/4/05

Run test in the shop before rebuilding the motor. 12/6/06

Run test in the shop after rebuilding the motor. 12/14/06

Close up of the Motor and Driveshaft between worm drive gearboxes. 12/14/06

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