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Nanticoke Culm Bank Fire

After hearing about the fire in a refuse pile in Nanticoke, we had to go find it. We thought this was the other fire we knew about, but turned out to be a different one. When we were out looking for the ruins for the Susquehanna #4 and 5 fan houses we came across the fire. We stopped and talked for awhile with the contractor hired by OSM to take care of the fire. He told us if we were interested he could show us something cool. He grabbed a wrench to remove a cap from one of the bore holes. Peering down into the hole, we saw one of the coolest sights in the history of our explorations. We could see the fire burning away about 40 feet below us. The pictures came out good but don't give it justice. It looked like liquid hot magma. The plan is to dig it out like the one in Carbondale. We will bring you more pictures as the progress continues.

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