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Nick (The Newt)

AGE: 20
OCCUPATION: Student / Tour Guide Lackawanna Mine Tour

Contact The Newt: Email Nick


My first time underground was when i was six at the lackawanna coal mine tour. After that i grew up reading and searching the web for anything concerning mining or railroading and that is when i stumbled upon the underground miners website. Since meeting them i have gone on many explorations and have learned a lot of history and history is the greatest thing to know. With out history where would we be? With out this areas mining history where would we be? I am a tour guide at the Lackawanna mine tour, I am also going to school for aviation. my main mission is to lean everything about mining history, while at the same time teach as many people i can about this area and hopefully spark an interest with not only my generation but also future ones. This areas mining heritage is becoming an endagered speices and i will do all i can to keep it from coming extinct.

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