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New York, Ontario and Western Mayfield Rail Yard

The New York, Ontario and Western rail yard is located in Mayfield, PA. This was the last large yard before the end of the line in Scranton. There are a few railcars still in the woods that used to be the yards. These cars include a few boxcars and some passenger coaches. The yards are now a final resting place for the remains of one of the breakers located in Carbondale or Mayfield. There are a pile of mine cars we have deemed the "mountain of mine cars". There are also many mine and railroad related artifacts there. This is a good location to find some intresting mine items.

These are the "after" pictures of them scraping the O & W yard. Luckily, we acquired two mine cars before they met the same horrible fate. You can see the restoration of these cars as it progresses.

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