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The "Other" Page

This page is for pictures that don't fit into a specific category. There are also pictures of places that we've been to but don't have enough for a separate page. Here you will find colliery buildings, sealed mine openings, machinery, and other places explored by the Underground Miners.

We saw this mine opening in Pittston from the road while driving by. We immediately pulled over to proceed with the investigation. Upon reaching the opening alongside the river, we found it was sealed.

We were offroading near Duryea through some culm banks when we spotted this huge dragline.

Now this was a pretty cool find. We saw this mine while we were taking pics of trains in the nearby Pittston Railyard. The entrance to this sealed mine was uncovered when excavators were demolishing a building foundation.

These were the Shaft entrances for the mine at the Peach Orchard Colliery. When we went to the Dorrance Fan House, we saw this fence from 309. We decided it was probably nothing so we went to the fan house. Upon traveling there again to check out the subsidence close by, Chris stopped by the fence on the hill to see if there was anything there. He found a pair of filled vertical shafts. One looks as if it might still go down a bit, but we don't mess with the verticals yet!

The entrance to the Pecas mine. This mine is located just outside Mahanoy City. Unfortunatly after traveling inside a bit we found it to be flooded.

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