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Chris' dad was in this mine as a kid so we always wanted to find it. He told us that it was probably on the land of a junkyard by now. Every time we passed the junkyard on I81 we looked for it. The other day while heading down to the Huber, Chris thought he spotted it down the railroad bed from the junkyard. So traveling through Dunmore, Chris headed into a housing devoplopment and there it was on the hill. His dad said it was collapsed in both parts of the "T" so there was no use getting in. Cool opening though.

This is a Gravity Railroad passenger coach. It is currently on display at Nay-Aug park in Scranton.

This is the Brooks Model Mine also at Nay-Aug park in Scranton. We have been in this mine when the lock was off the door once. Unfortunatly we didn't have the camera at that time and since then we have not been able to gain access. The mine was built to demonstrate "modern" mining techniques to the average person. The mine only goes in about 100 feet, makes a loop, and comes back out. There is another mine car inside full of rock and coal.

This is the entrance to the Gravity Slope. It now serves as a mine water outflow. Not too far from the entrance, this water drains into the Lackawanna river.

Chris, John, and Mully are making a video at a convention about the St. Nick Breker in Easton, PA. Looks like fun!

Chris standing on the cap over the Mt. Pleasant shaft in Scranton. There is a small hole you can look through and see water about 60 feet down.

This is the Susquehanna Coal Company building in Nanticoke.


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