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The "Other" Page 3

We were pretty excited to find this slope entrance partially uncovered at the North Mahanoy Colliery remains, just outside Mahanoy City. When we found it in the winter we decided to come back this summer. Unfortunatly, the slope has a huge unpassable rockfall only 50 feet inside. Oh well.

This Slope entrance is now an acid mine drainage outfall just outside Shamokin.

Here was another tunnel entrance we were pretty happy to see. The dirt is just high enough at the opening to gain access. Unfortunatly, like the other mines on this page, this one is unpassable after 100 feet. Not because of a rockfall, but because it was never completed. It just ends in a solid rock wall.

Here is an airshaft not too far from the Locust Summit Breaker site.

Chris standing on a set of rollers from the Locust Summit Breaker.

This is the remains of a Railroad tressle in Eynon. Notice the guide rails for keeping the train on the tressle in case of a derailment.p>


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