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Pioneer Tunnel Mine Videos

These are some videos from various trips to the Pioneer Tunnel Mine. We will be adding more as our work there progresses. Some of these are rather large videos and will take awhile to download. The best way to view them is to download them directly to your computer by right clicking on the link and selecting "save target as" then just save it to your computer and view when its completed. It is faster and better quality than viewing over the internet.

Chris taking the mine motor into the mine, black and white. - New

Rock Breaking take one. - New

Rock Breaking take two. - New

Banks describing a timber set.

Setting a Timber.

Vulcan Lokie Work.

A neat video of getting chased by the steam train.

Picking up a UGM member halfway down the tunnel on exit.

Chris running the steam engine, shot from the cab.

High speed pass???

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