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Pine Ridge Mountain Mines No. 34 Tunnel

This mine we have been wanting to add to our list for years but held off until the bat gate installation was complete. The Pine Ridge No.34 Tunnel was part of the mountain mine complex just above I81 in plains. A narrow gauge railroad connected these mines to the Hudson Coal Co. Pine Ridge Colliery miles away in town. When you enter this tunnel there is an immediate "y" to the left and right. While the tunnel to the left continues for a small distance they are both collapsed due to robbing. Contunuing straight down the tunnel there is a cable hole on the right side of the tunnel where power came in from the surface (the headframe for the cable is still there) and went down to the second level of the mine. Passing the borehole the rock tunnel continues for a distance before entering the second vein of coal. At the end of the tunnel is a small room with a pit in it. In the bottom of the pit is 146 concrete stepps that connect an airway to the second level and is used as a manway or escape way. on the second level is the no. 76 slope an internal slope where the concrete foundation for the hoisting engine can still be seen. Continuing on the east gangway, you come to the no. 29 tunnel. This tunnel is almost a mile long and connects to the workings by the breaker. Unfortunatly for us, the tunnel meets the mine pool about halfway there. Another point of interest is a motor barn just off of the 29 tunnel. Back at the beginning of the 29 tunnel there is also a split off to the west gangway. going down the west gangway will take you to a 100 foot internal vertical airshaft that connects to the next vein of coal above for ventilation. again traveling down this tunnel further you will hit the mine pool. This was a very exciting mine and are still researching this mine,we will have more history and some dates of operation soon.


Pine Ridge Mountain Mines

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