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Storrs Colliery Remains

Many People have driven past this location on I 81 and not noticed the old mine buildings that remain on the site of the old Storrs Colliery. At one time in the past the main building that you can see from the highway was "Battery World" and also was "Valvano Construction". This was the mine car repair shops. It still has the original concrete floor with mine rail and turntables inside. Now some of the "bays" are used by automotive shops. Some of the buildings up there are abandoned and some are occupied. Remaining on the site is the Powerhouse, a hoist house, car shops, washhouse, filled shaft that is settling, housing for a ventilation fan, breaker footers and other concrete slabs around the site. This breaker was known for being one of the most expensive in the valley, the entire sides of the breaker were glass pannels. This saved on lighting and looked fancy.

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