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Subsidences! Page 1

This was the collapse of the cap on the Johnson #1 shaft. It was located just off Main Street in Dickson City. In the last picture you can see the wall of the shaft.

This is the same subsidence in Dickson City about 4 months after it opened up. In the first pic Carissa is about to fall in. The second is a drilling machine used for finding the depth of the rubble. There are two gangways, one at 100 ft. running northeast, and the other at 121 ft. running south. It is undetermined whether they have been backfilled or have yet to be flushed.

This subsidence was caused by workings collapsing underneath Maiden Avenue in Wilkes Barre.

This is the same subsidence after it has been filled in.

And this is the same subsidence after it opened up again only three days after filling.

This vent shaft opened up right in someone's front yard on Pittston Ave. in Scranton.

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