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Subsidences! Page 2!

Sharr Shaft Subsidence

Chris was first informed of this subsidence, which happened on June 2, by Tony who read it in the Scranton Times newspaper. That day after work Chris made a call to the Office of Surface Mining to find the exact location of the collapse. Once given the address he drove to Old Forge. Driving down Milwaukee Ave., you can see the caution tape in a backyard between two houses. He parked on the side of the road and headed down to the hole. Curious neighbors came out and asked what he was doing. After speaking with them he got a lot of valuable information. More importantly, however, he received their permission to enter their property and have a look at the subsidence. From the information they provided him, Chris found out that the near-by stream had flooded and all the water had collapsed the cap over the airshaft. Looking down the shaft you can see the brick walls much like the Johnson #1 Shaft, but this is much smaller. You can see all four walls and the remains of the cap that is about 20 feet down the shaft. On top of the cap there would have been dirt piled up into the shaft, but it had been washed away into the mine through the 3 feet diameter hole in the cap. The report OSM gave Chris said it was 20 feet deep. Upon throwing a rock down the hole, it appears to be much deeper. One of the neighbors said this shaft collapsed once before about 20 years ago when he was a kid. Now he has a 5-year-old of his own who frequently ventures into the woods behind the house. “When we found out that the shaft collapsed again we called the authorities. I don’t want my kid falling down this hole in our yard. I hope they fill it as soon as possible,” he said. We will check back here and see when they fill it in.

This subsidence was located in Pittston. This one was devistating to the home-owner.

This is the same subsidence after it had been filled.

In this subsidence also in Pittston, the front steps to the house fell into the hole along with his front yard.

This one is located in Olyphant. We spotted it while riding the Steamtown train to Carbondale. It's just off the tracks behind someone's house.


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