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AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Superintendent.


Todd comes from a long proud line of miners. His grandfather was a miner then eventually a Blaster. Two of his uncle's were miners, his father worked as a slate boy and as a miner. When he was older he worked maintenance in the LC&N #14 colliery. I guess you can say he has always been interested in mines. He found his first mine when he was 10 and entered it a few days later with a cheap C cell flashlight and a close line rope. It was a 30 deg. pitch down an old chute that he descended. but he didn't become really hooked until his early 20's watching a home move of "some other guys" in a mine yrs prior so he set out to find that mine. It took 3 yrs. He said. "It was like looking for the holy grail" and when He did find it. It was worth it! Todd said. "It was one of the best adventures of my life" He was hooked from that point forward. Todd like's researching for new mines. "Finding them is half the fun". "It is fascinating to see the way things operated underground and what great things the old miners accomplished with what they had to work with at the time. Just the engineering is incredible!" Todd meet the underground miners in person on 1/16/05. and rest is history!

When he is not researching abandon mines or at work. you can find him wheeling his "Jeep junk" or modifying it beyond the point of recognition, Trying to play his guitar, or enjoying a few cold one's!

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