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Laurel Line Trolley Tunnel

The Laurel Line Trolley Tunnel in Southside Scranton was abandoned for many years. Recently, the Steamtown National Historical Society is reopening the trolley line between Steamtown and Montage Mountain. The trolley will now pass through the once abandoned tunnel. They have been restoring the tunnel and rail line for the past two years. After the fourteen-block tunnel was completely restored, we decided to take a walk through. The smell of tar from the fresh railroad ties lingered in the air as we completed the twenty minute walk to the other end. When we reached the north end of the tunnel, we noticed it came out right below the Harrison Avenue bridge. We continued down the track for a while and came to a railroad bridge over the Roaring Brook. On the north side of the track, nestled in the cliff, we saw an all too familar sight--a coal mine. There is a heavy steel grate with a cable and lock holding it shut. Removing the cable and lock, we gained access only to find the mine back-filled. Once again, we went away disappointed but we realized that not every find can be successful.

- Chris Murley

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