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Waddell Breaker Remains

The Waddell Breaker, or Waddell Coal Co. was in put in operation in the late 1800ís. It was originally serviced by the O&W railroad. Sometime in the early 1900s, the breaker was rebuilt as a wet coal preparation plant. Although the breaker was destroyed by fire in the 1970ís the machinery was salvaged inside the framework and continued to process coal up until the end of the 1980ís. The remains of this breaker were just demolished in the summer of 2003. Only the scale house and an Erie hopper car remain on the site today as well as a small old dragline. There was an abandoned haulage shaft there that the breaker pumped water out to wash the coal, but that has been filled in as of the demolition. Plans are to build a housing development on the site.

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