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Wanamie #18 Colliery

The entrance to the Wanamie mine was uncovered recently when an individual decided to strip out the area. The main slope entrance and man-way are just a few of the places the mine has been opened. In all there have been 5 places where the workings have been uncovered. The man-way is the only one accessible without rappelling down from the top, however all can be reached from inside. Once going into the man-way, you are in a concrete passage with many doors to rooms. First is a small office that goes into a testing room of some sort. There is a desk, lockers and shelves in this room. There are a few smaller rooms that have nothing in them, so we don't really know what they were for. Then you come to the first-aid room. There are a few rusted signs on the walls outside the room and some remains of cots and chairs inside. We then traveled towards the main slope entrance. Coming up on the slope from the side, we came to this bridge that went over it so workers could cross without worrying about cars and cable coming up and down the slope. On the sides of the bridge was the all to familiar breaker screens to sort coal. These screens were the duct tape of the mining era, they were just used for everything. In the above picture, the building just left of center is the same one as in the second picture below. Also, the long elevated track in the lower right, goes into the main slope entrance we were in. Because of it being so wet we decided we would come back for further exploration once it dries out.

Check out Tony Organek's Photographs from wanamie in 1967:



These pictures were taken by Mike Sable of the last remaining lokie at Wanamie in 1990.

Check out Richard Loomis' pictures on the now demolished Wanamie fan house and other buildings

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