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Added Black and White Gallery 9 9th installment to our black and white galleries. Also, some more new stuff coming down the pike soon. Was way too long for an update but we all have been extremely busy.


Added The Oak Hill Tunnel of the Philadelphia & Reading, Coal & Iron Co. we had the opportunity to document and research this mine in the early to mid 2000s.


Wow, nearly a year since an update. I really apologize for a lack of newness here. guess we are all busy however we are still here! For the first time in quite awhile we are offering some new Abandoned Mine Photos to share with you from The Coaldale No. 8 Mine

in the Southern Anthracite Field. This mine was recently stripped through destroying it forever. Seems a good time to pay honor to everyone who was employed there throughout its long history!

Also, when digging through our archives to post up these photos, we found several other mines that haven't made it to the website yet. I'll get them up soon, and it won't take a year. I promise!


We are excited to announce that together with Ohio Vintage Coal Company we teamed up to save a6 Ton General Electric Storage Battery Locomotive

from the scrappers torch! This all came about right before Christmas. This should be an exciting although slightly slow project compared to others in the past. much work has to be done and most of it will be out at OVCC's shop in Ohio where it will under go a full restoration to running condition. what a way to start the new year! stay tuned!

also stand by, i am going through our mining archives to get some new photos up on the site soon!

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