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AGE: 20
OCCUPATION:Student, Tour Guide 190 Slope.


When I was younger my friend Eric and I would always go hiking up in the old strippings along the back road in West Wyoming. That is where my interest in mining and local history began. I got more involved in our local history when I went on my first trip through the Huber breaker in Ashley. I later became a member of the Huber Breaker Preservation Society in 2006. I also became involved in the preservation of the Avondale mine disaster site near Plymouth and I am currently the Co-President of the Anthracite Living History Group in charge of the site. Since then I have done a lot of exploring old mine sites and research on the history of the area. After I got involved with the Underground Miners I was led to working at the No. 9 Mine in Lansford. When I am not at school or working on some project I can be found somewhere underground in the anthracite or giving tours at the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour in Scranton. I would hate to see the history of our area fade away it needs to be preserved for future generations.

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