Brooks Drift Mine Rehabilitation

See historic photos of this mine here – Brooks Mine Nay Aug Park

In January of 2022 we stood outside the entrance to the Brooks Mine in Nay Aug Park, Scranton. We made the decision right then and there that we needed to bring this unique treasure back into the public light.  We began meeting with the Scranton Municipal Recreation Authority with our ideas and they were just as excited as we were! Next, we met with the PA Anthracite State Mine Inspectors office, who also gave us some guidelines, requirements, and the go ahead to proceed. Once these all were met, we entered the mine for a feasibility study.  We determined that the mine was a fine state to be rehabilitated back into something that park visitors could experience once again!

In April of 2022, coal miners, timber men, and laborers within our group began volunteer weekend work to reopen the 120-year-old Historic Brooks Drift Mine, cleaning debris, retimbering and working towards a completion in the summer of 2023! This entire project could not be completed without the generosity of the community! It has been completely funded by donations from local individuals and businesses who want to see this succeed!