Brooks Drift Mine Rehabilitation

See historic photos of this mine here – Brooks Mine Nay Aug Park

The Brooks Mine was first conceived by Reese J. Brooks in 1900 as a show piece for anthracite mining while Nay Aug Park was being developed. Brooks, opened the drift mine publicly in 1902 as an exhibition while he was the operator of the Greenwood Mine in the Minooka – Moosic area. He brought several colliery miners to excavate the drift. While not a large mine by any means, at 150 feet long, there is a sizable coal deposit inside. The mine is driven into the outcrop of the Dunmore no.2 and 3 Veins of coal as a fault brings them together at the surface. The mine was closed in 1938 and sat neglected until 1953 when it received a major upgrade. It was retimbered by the Moffat coal company, the electric lighting upgraded by the Scranton Police Traffic Repair Squad, and mannequins installed simulating miners working at the face. Mine cars were added both inside and outside of the mine along with an electric mine locomotive as a display. Several tons of coal were brought in from the Moffat Breaker to fill the cars. In 1969 the mine was once again retimbered and was ultimately closed in 1975 with the opening of the Lackawanna 190 Slope, Mine Tour. The mannequins and electric mine locomotive were moved to the 190 Slope in the early 1980s and can still be seen there today. The Brooks Mine would remain chained closed only allowing park visitors to get a glimpse of the mine through the gates, until the early 2000s when a wooden seal was put inside the gates blocking the view. In January of 2022, coal miners, timber men, and laborers with the non-profit group Underground Miners began volunteer work to reopen the 120 year old Historic Brooks Drift Mine, working towards a completion date in the spring of 2023! This entire project could not be completed without the generosity of the community! It has been completely funded by donations from local individuals and businesses!