6-Ton General Electric Storage Battery Locomotive

The Underground Miners team worked together with the American Industrial Mining Company to save this locomotive. This General Electric 30” gauge, 6 ton electric storage battery locomotive was built in 1921. It has a model code of LSB2C6C2 (L=Locomotive, SB=Storage Battery, 2C=Two Traction Motors, 6=6-Ton, C2=Styling/Design Specifications). It was originally used by the Hudson Coal Company and put into use at its Powderly Colliery in Carbondale. It would later be put on display as advertising at Dreater Coal Co. in Mayfield. At some point the GE was moved to Big Bear Farm and added to their collection of rail and mining equipment. The locomotive was put up for sale and we decided we needed to purchase the locomotive to save it from scrap!  

When the GE was brought to us on the truck one wheel set was locked up.  We put it in storage, focusing on other pieces of equipment. UGM has recently decided to give this locomotive a full restoration and bring it back to running condition! This will involve removing the traction motors, speed control, brake rigging, resistor grids and completely rewiring the locomotive. Several pieces are missing and will need to be fabricated. The battery boxes are in poor condition and will be completely rebuilt. We are still acquiring data on the locomotive, but it has been moved from storage and into our shop. Work has begun on the axle sets, removing the journals from the traction motors allowing us to free up the stuck axle.