What’s New

Welcome to our site! On this page you can stay up to date with what new content has been added or changed, so you can easily find and enjoy our newest additions.

12/3/23 – Added Bernitsky Family Mines and Sheppton Mine Disaster.
8/16/23 – Opened the Brooks Mine for public tours, updated Brooks Mine Nay Aug Park and Brooks Drift Mine Rehabilitation.
7/12/23 – Updated Events to include the Brooks Mine Re-Opening!
6/22/23 – Updated home page to include the Brooks Mine!
3/8/2023 – Added Harry Taylor Slope, updated the Flushing Projects, Waddell Breaker, Brooks Project, and GE Locomotive. Also added a new Documentary page, with a preview video.
12/6/2022 – Added our upcoming event!
11/16/2022 – Added Raymond Breaker, Pompey Breaker, Vandling Haulage Slope. Updated Centralia, Dorrance, Jeddo 7, Knox, Old Forge Borehole, Underwood Colliery.
9/10/2022 – Updated 190 slope with rehabilitation photos. Added the Carbondale Mine Fire, Jeddo Pump Room, Pioneer Tunnel, and Twin Shaft Disaster.
8/18/2022 – Our new site launches! Enjoy a combination of 20 years of documentation and preservation, in an updated and improved format. We have been working on this new site tirelessly for over a year, and hope you like it.