Brooks Mine Nay Aug Park

See our work restoring this mine here – Brooks Drift Mine Rehabilitation

The Brooks Mine is open for visitors on Saturdays 10AM – 5PM through November 4th, and admission to the mine is Free, it’s our way of giving back to the community!  We will be attending the mine on these days for safety and to answer your questions. Hope to see you there!

The Brooks Mine was first conceived by Reese Brooks in 1900 as a showpiece for anthracite mining during the development of Nay Aug Park. Brooks opened this drift mine publicly in 1902 as an exhibition while he was the operator of the Greenwood Mine in Moosic. While not a large mine, there is a sizable coal deposit inside, and under Nay Aug Park. The mine is driven into the outcrop of the Dunmore No.2 and No.3 Veins of coal. The mine was closed temporarily in 1938. In 1953 it was retimbered by the Moffat Coal Company, the lighting was upgraded by the Scranton Police Traffic Repair Squad, and mannequins installed simulating miners working at the face. In 1975 the mine was closed for good, with the opening of the Lackawanna 190 Slope Mine Tour across the valley. In January of 2022, we began volunteer work to reopen the Historic Brooks Drift Mine. This included cleaning debris from the mine and retimbering the place using standard anthracite mining practices. Since the mine only had one way in and out, we had to drive a second opening outside as an escapeway and for proper ventilation through the Dunmore No.2 Vein. Track work would then be completed laying all new rail through the mine, a new electrical system and lighting installed, and finally a grand re-opening ceremony on August 11, 2023. The Brooks Mine has been fully inspected and approved for tours by the Pennsylvania State Mine Inspectors, and is Inspected daily prior to any tours by our Anthracite Mine Foreman.

Photos of the first tours, August 12-13, 2023.

Surface and underground maps drawn in 1976.

US Bureau of Mines inspection, late 1960s.