Coalbrook Colliery

The Coalbrook Colliery was located in the town of Carbondale, and was operated by the Hudson Coal Company. Located directly across from the Delaware and Hudson Railroad yards, it had a convenient means of shipping anthracite. The powerhouse for the colliery was completed in 1918 and was used to provide surface power for the colliery as well as underground power for the vast network of mines under the city. It used anthracite from their own mines to provide a fuel for the furnaces that would in turn heat the boilers and provide steam for the turbine generator. The powerhouse was the last building to stand from Coalbrook, and was demolished in 2006. It did not go down without a fight! The concrete base for the fuel coal silo still remains as of this writing. 

Historic photos from the UGM archive and Horgan.

Our pictures from around 2008 showing demolition beginning.

Photos showing the state of the site in 2019, with only the base of the coal silo for the turbine remaining.