Continental No 190 Slope (Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour)

The 190 Slope was originally opened by Continental Coal Company in 1939 and later worked by the Moffat Coal Co. The mine was closed in 1966 and lay abandoned until 1969 when a study was done to reopen the mine. It was rehabilitated starting in 1977. A six man crew from No 1 Contracting worked on the project, consisting of Tom Supey Sr, Tom Supey Jr, Andy Supey, Louis Maranchick, Joe Vavrasek, and Andy Wrubel. In 1985, the mine opened to the public.

Today, the Lackawanna Mine Tour is the most extensive anthracite mine tour in Northeast PA. Through the knowledgeable tour guides you will learn how anthracite was mined in the northern field. On average your tour will last about an hour. You will travel through 3 beds of coal and see tall as well as low room and pillar workings.

Rehabilitation of the 190 Slope from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Supey family and employees of No 1 Contracting.

Our photos from working at the mine as tour guides in the early 2000s.

The New County Escapeway in the early 2000s.