Dickson Colliery

The Dickson Colliery of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, later Hudson Coal Co,  was built in 1884 and later closed the operation in 1943. The colliery was located along Meyert Ave and East Market Street. Originally the breaker was constructed directly over the shaft as many anthracite collieries were in the late 1800s. Later the breaker was torn down, and a new shaft headframe built. Coal from the Dickson Shaft would then be hauled by rail and prepared at the Manville and Marvine Breakers. The Main haulage shaft was located at the intersection of Meylert Ave and Electric St. The hoist house and a fan house still remain. In fact, the fan house has been repurposed, but the ventilation fan still exists within the building. A supply shaft, now filled in, is in the parking lot of Kelly’s Collision. An interesting fact, the Dickson Shaft was left intact and not scrapped or filled for quite some time as It was considered for a maintenance, supply and inspection entry to the proposed Conowingo Tunnel Project.

1920s photos showing the supply and haulage shaft, Horgan Photos.

1930s aerial photo by Art Young, taken in a Piper Cub.

2007 photos showing the inside of the fan house containing one of only two remaining Guibal fans in the Northern Anthracite Field.