Harry Taylor Slope

Aerial photo of the Harry Taylor Slope, taken by Art Young, 1930s.

The Harry Taylor Slope, of the Penn Anthracite Mining Company, was located near the top of Ferdinand Street in Scranton and served by the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad. The slope first started producing coal in 1933 and was shut down in 1938.  This mine was one of the first to use a belt conveyor to move coal within and out of the mine. A second conveyor would transport the coal down the mountain to a load out for rail cars. Coal from the mine would be taken by rail and processed at the Von Storch Colliery, a short distance away. While only open for a short 6 years, 914 thousand tons of coal were brought to the surface and processed from this operation, a very sizable amount! Today, a culm bank and several foundations, including the footers for the conveyor remain at the mine site. The slope itself has been blasted closed. 

Two aerial photos from Art Young, 1939 Penn Pilot Aerial, and the surface map of the slope.

Video showing the remains of the mine site in 2023, from our friend Dale Keklock