Huber Breaker

The Huber Breaker was built in 1939, replacing the Maxwell No 20 Colliery on the same site. This large operation was used by the Glen Alden Coal Company to crush and size the coal brought to the surface from three nearby mines. The coal was sorted, washed, and loaded on waiting hopper cars in the CNJ railyard behind the breaker. Seven to ten thousand people alone worked in the 134 foot tall, 11-story Huber breaker. Towards the end of the colliery’s operation, they painted the coal blue as a marketing strategy. Thus the name Blue Coal Company. The Huber Breaker Preservation Society succeeded in creating a park at the present day location, but unfortunately the breaker was demolished in 2014. This was one of the last standing breakers in the region.

Photos of the Huber in operation. Collection of Eric Bella, and first photo by Walter M Edwards.

Christian Abraham photos of the Huber before demolition.

Our photos before demolition.

Photos showing the site in 2021.