Mantrip Car

One of our earlier restoration projects. This car was acquired from the B&M Tunnel in Goodsprings. In excellent condition, it was used last in 1987. We took it back to the rail line we were building at the time and used it to hold all our tools and such; however a more important fate would be realized for this car. As the No. 9 Mine Tour in Lansford was becoming more popular, they needed more capacity to take a larger group in the mine. We donated the car to No. 9 back in 2008 and work was started on it at the mine. We removed the 36″ gauge axle sets and had them regauged to their 42″ by adding a spacer in the axle. Cracks in the frame were welded. Doors were added, and more windows cut. Several members of UGM were involved in the work at No.9 restoring the car for use. Today, it is one of the buggies they use to take visitors into the mine. This mantrip car can be noticed from the others as its slightly shorter than the other two.