Pine Ridge Colliery

The Pine Ridge Colliery was opened in the 1860s with the sinking of the first shaft. The Colliery was located at the intersection of Mayock and Brazil St in Miners-Mills and stretched along Mayock to the intersection with Finn St. In the 1870s the Delaware and Hudson Coal Co. took over operation of the colliery. There were several hoisting shafts on site, and a section called the “Mountain Mines” located in the hills to the east of the colliery. A narrow gauge railroad connected the drifts and slopes there to the colliery. Small Steam locomotives or “lokies” would bring the loaded coal cars to the breaker and return the empties. In the 1960s, as part of the state funded mine water pumping efforts, a large pumping station was built at the Delaware Shaft. This pumping shaft was the last active operation at the pine ridge colliery, and it too would soon be shut down and scrapped, when mining ended in the northern anthracite field.

Horgan photos in the mine at the Pine Ridge Shaft landing.

Our photos from the early 2000s showing the site just before redevelopment.